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Martial Arts

Mind moves body. Body moves mind.



The class introduces you to the world of Muay Thai – also called Thaiboxing. Besides boxing and kicking techniques, you will learn to use your elbows, knees and shins, therefore making it one of the worlds‘ toughest sports. Training one’s fitness, stamina and coordination are all key to the Muay Thai practice.

Level: we offer beginner's & advanced classes
Equipment: Boxing gloves, shin guards, mouth guard


We embrace boxing as a very pivotal part of its class offering. Our main focus: Making sure to teach the right technique as well as a sound basis for punches and steps (footwork). Participants are introduced to different boxing styles and related strategies. At the end of every class, the acquired techniques can be put into action in a sparring session. Training in a considerate manner and with much respect towards others are extremely important to us. 

Level: beginners & all level classes
Equipment: Boxing gloves, mouth guard



Kickboxing is a modern generic term for martial arts that involve boxing and kicking, such as Savate (French kickboxing) or Sǎndǎ (Chinese kickboxing). They are defined by differences in techniques and sets of rules. 

This means kickboxing can vary a lot - the style depends on the trainer. Currently we have a kickboxing trainer who teaches mainly Dutch kickboxing.

Level: beginners
Equipment: Boxing gloves, shin guards, mouth guard


In the drill courses, movement sequences are repeated and trained in order to internalize them and then be able to call them up automatically during sparring. 
Drill courses are also suitable for those who simply enjoy movement and technique training. 

Currently offer MMA Drills and Boxing Drill classes.

hussein 01.jpg

Level: intermediate
Equipment: MMA or Boxing gloves



We want to encourage women and support their self-confidence. The women's class is designed to introduce women to the world of martial arts, with fun, ease and joy. This class is also ideal for women who just want to train among themselves. The spirit and values of Chimosa remain the same - considerate training and respect for others are very important to us. 
Currently we offer women's kickboxing, women's self-defense and women's boxing courses.

Level: all levels
Equipment: Boxing gloves, mouth guard


MMA stands for Mixed Martial Arts and combines boxing, kicking, throwing and ground fighting techniques. There is not one style, it is a combination of different martial arts styles, depending on the fighter. 

Level: intermediate

Equipment: MMA gloves, shin guards, mouth guard




Shaolin Kung Fu is the origin of all Chinese martial arts and more than 1500 years old. The Shaolin Temple and its monks are best known and admired throughout the world. Shaolin Kung Fu training involves power, tolerance, flexibility, smoothness and spirit – all excellent martial arts skills. Shaolin Kung Fu is the pearl of Chinese wisdom passed down through numerous generations of China’s supreme martial artists. It has a wide range of contents and numerous forms. To this day, Shaolin Kung Fu is the greatest and most famous martial art in China.

Level: all levels
Equipment: -


Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is a Brazilian martial art, which has its origins in the Japanese Jiu-Jitsu - a close combat discipline, which was practiced by Samurai fighters. Mitsuyo Maeda brought Judo to Brazil and was further developed by the Gracie brothers to the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with the focus on
ground fighting and locking techniques. The goal of a BJJ fight is to control the other person with grips, techniques and tactics - with constant changes of position and control. 

Level: Beginners
Equipment: GI (Kimono) and a white belt for beginners, mouth guard

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