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Surprise your friends with joy and introduce them to the world of martial arts using our gift cards: Trial class, 3-course card, 5-course card, and 10-course card!

Select the perfect time and date for the gift card to be received, and personalize it with a thoughtful message.

To purchase the gift card, you will need to have your Chimosa account and the recipient's email address.


After your purchase, all the details of the gift card will be available in your account through the provided link, along with a resend option in case the recipient missed it.

Feel free to reach out to us anytime for assistance. Make your gift special with the experience of martial arts!

How to book a trial lesson:

You are welcome to take a trial lesson for 10€ with us.

1. Get the Chimosa app

2. Create an account

3. Book your desired class using the option "trial lesson"

4. Select your preferred payment method


Please arrive at Chimosa 15 minutes before the class so we have plenty of time to get you settled in. The necessary equipment for the trial lesson will be provided by us. 

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